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Crazy Bird Stories 1:  Strange Birds Behaving in Strange Ways


 The aim of this book is to introduce children to birds through entertainment and education. Having fun with birds in these twelve humorous, catchy and ‘crazy’ short stories will hopefully cement an impression in the mind of each child that will remain with them as they develop and grow.

I have observed that reading to small children is most important and that it can sow a seed for the future. When children are older and can read for themselves they can then enjoy the ‘crazy’ stories and discover some interesting facts about a ‘real’ bird that is related to the fictitious one. This introduction to birds will hopefully encourage children and parent alike to seek and discover more about the large range of bird species that Australia and this planet of ours, have to offer.

Crazy Bird Stories 2: Benny’s Dreamtime Adventure


Bennie is a beach stone-curlew who has a good life and several friends. But the lanky water bird is missing one thing: adventure! One day the sounds of nature soothe him to sleep, Bernie drifts into dreamland where he becomes someone he has always wanted to be.

 Crazy Bird Stories shares a tale of a water birds imaginary adventure as he finds gratitude for his life and raises awareness of his habitat challenges along the east coastline of Australia.

Crazy Bird Stories 3: Weird Wacky Birds

Have you heard of the crazy bird known as Charming Chat, who sat on a doormat with a fat cat in a hat? Crazy Bird Stories tells of Charming Chat, along with eleven other native Australian birds that can be found around the Mackay District of North Central Queensland.

These poems introduce the birds to children and use rhyming words in short stanzas to tell imaginary stories of very strange bird behavior. There’s Cranky Coot, who plays a flute in a striped suit, and Graffiti Goshawk, who attached chalk to a grass stalk and wrote on a sidewalk.

With such a wide range of bizarre behaviors, these verses invite young readers to let their imaginations run free. Fanciful and informative, this collection of childrens poetry depicts Australian birds involved in unusual and unbirdlike activities. 

Crazy Bird Stories 4: Olive’s Magic Powers


 This story is based upon a relationship between a bird and rainforest termites. In Papua New Guinea during the month of November, the tiny Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher prepares to return to its birth place to breed.

Only certain locations along the North Queensland coast offer suitable habitat. Using its skills, it flies the long distance required with the aid of a northerly wind.

Soon after reaching its destination and finding a mate, they both search for a perfect nest site. It must be a terrestrial termite mound with an active colony of rainforest termites. Oh! The wonders of nature.

A Compilation of Birding Observations

“A Compilation of Birding Observations” is for bird lovers.

Steve Dew and Daryl Barnes first met in (2010) and they soon discovered they had a range of interests in common.

During the following ten years, Steve’s passion for photographing Australia’s native bird life and Daryl’s growing passion for writing poems about them developed.

The combination of Steve’s quality photos and Daryl’s imaginative and diverse range of story-telling, provides the reader with a variety of very pleasant experiences.

If you are a lover of birds then these 46 rhyming stories accompanied by colour photos, is for you.

Hello Cocky!


By the time we all reach our senior years,
each one of us will have a life story to tell.
This is my story – from the time I was born in 1955 until 1997.

The year 1997 was a significant turning point for me as it separated my life based in Victoria and my life here in Queensland, or more specifically, between living in the small rural town of Coleraine and the coastal sub-tropical city of Mackay.

“Hello Cocky’ contains a snapshot of stories collectively formatted to give you an insight into the first 41 years of my life.