About the Author

Learn all about our amazing author Daryl Barnes .

Daryl Barnes is a Mackay-based author, driven in his pursuit of educating locals and children about the importance of native birds. His focus on native species within Queensland has given him the inspiration to not only write one, but four books on our friendly neighbourhood feathered friends.

“The aim of my books is to introduce children to birds through entertainment and education.”

The writing journey

By accident he started writing rhyming stories at a mature age. This coincided with the arrival of grand kids which in turn brought story books into the fray.  The more he read the more he thought that many of these stories were uninspiring and lacked substance.
He could write more interesting stories than that, he decided. For someone who admitted to having more determination than talent, he began the journey and set about achieving his goal.

The start of crazy bird stories

Daryl Barnes moved from Victoria to Queensland in 1997. He loved the outdoors and the bush and was soon introduced to and quickly developed a passion for Australian native birds. And so, Crazy Bird Stories sprang to life. But writing just one book wasn’t enough, there were more ‘crazy bird stories’ in him.

Entertaining young children was the first priority and then introducing them to some real bird facts, the theme of the four-book series, was a masterful, value-added inclusion to each book.