Indian Myna birds moving in

Indian Myna birds moving in

Mackay birdwatchers have reported an increase in the number of Indian Myna birds in the Beaconsfield and Andergrove areas.

Birdlife Australia Mackay president Daryl Barnes said over the past years Mackay had been fortunate enough to have an established community of Indian Myna birds unlike Townsville, Airlie Bean and most of the east coast of Australia.

But recent sightings have concerned Mr Barnes the Indian Myna might be settling in the suburban areas of Mackay forcing out honey eaters, sunbirds and other small birds.

One of his birdwatchers witnessed an Indian Myna evict a rosella out of its nest in a hollow of a tree, he said.

Mr Barnes is calling on residents to look out for the birds particularly around schools and if they are spotted to notify BirdLife Australia on (03) 9347 0757.

[Extract from The Daily Mercury]