Baker’s Creek Clean Up

Baker’s Creek Clean Up

by Lee Constable, Daily Mercury

A Place where school children can learn about nature and where native plants can thrive is what Daryl Barnes hopes for, behind the shopping complex at Walkerston.

Mr Barnes has transformed a section of Bakers Creek behind his own home at Walkerston and he is working hard to do the same behind the shopping complex.

“I’ve seen people just blatantly throw rubbish over there. We need to clean up, rehabilitate and bring the area back to its original state,” he said

Mr Barnes has worked hard with the complex owners, Walkerston Properties, and council to clean up rubbish that accumulates behind the car park wall.

“The litter is not as bad as it has been. The owners have spent a lot of time and money working on this. They have people coming in next week to do some work on the area,” he said.

Mr Barnes is waiting for a grant to be approved by council to help fix up the area. “Once we get the weeds and grass out we can see how much litter is there. Council have already done some spraying. We need maybe some signs and extra bins and maybe deterrents,” he said.

Mr Barnes is hoping to get a group of volunteers to care for the area.

“I’d like to a get friends-of-the-creek type group involved once we get the bulk of it done,” he said.

By re-establishing the area, Mr Barnes is hoping the area could be enjoyed by the public.

“It’d be a good area for schoolkids to come down and do projects and help with the rehabilitation. They can learn about what lives in the water. There’s no end to what could be done if it was looked after.”